A bit of Insight…

“Ahyana is well educated, well traveled, and well spoken. She has an extensive academic background and has an optimistic and positive outlook on life. She is a total free spirit with a kind, upbeat, and friendly disposition and enjoys all things spontaneous. Whether you want to take her to dinner, a passionate getaway, or an evening out on the town, Ahyana will surely leave a lasting impression.”





Hi I’m Ahyana. I could describe myself as an intelligent, charismatic, and sophisticated youthful woman with feminine curves. Having a strong cultural background and traveling the country has shaped my values, beliefs, personality, and given me an invaluable perspective of cultural diversity. I am a confident well spoken woman who doesn’t have trouble keeping a conversation going to keep you at ease. Taking the lead comes natural to me, but only if you will allow me. I am fun, captivating and I like taking care of others. I would like to hear about you and your interests over dinner or in a more private setting. I always revel in finding out how to make your dreams come true because of my curious and passionate nature. I am also down to earth and I like people who are honest and have a good sense of humor. We will discover each other’s aspirations in no time by listening, talking, and embarking on new adventures.


Like most women my interests relate to all things of beauty, fashion, luxury, business, and finance. I like to get involved with events happening in the city I am visiting. I enjoy all forms of the arts including museums, galas, movies, sports, live band/music concerts, opera and ballet, that make for enjoyable evenings to share in the company of others. I also like working out, staying active and keeping busy. I spend some afternoons relaxing, walking in the park or exercising at the gym. Of course I love shopping, cooking, playing games with a little bit of gambling, and attending cool parties. I mostly enjoy being in good company of people that cherish and appreciate the value of my time and attention.


I do not drink heavily, smoke or do any drugs/illegal substances and I do not closely associate with people that do. I am not a fan of the current President of the United States and I do not participate in any political parties or engage in talk of politics. I do not tolerate any violence, rude or explicit language or any behavior that is harmful and offensive to others. Time wasting, haggling, and trolling are also displeasing and highly frowned upon behavior.



Age: 32 years old

Sign: Scorpio - learn more

Ethnicity: Black, African America

Appearance: clean, attractive, eye-catching

Build: mid-average stacked, curvy

Height: 5’5 inches tall (barefoot)

Weight: 150-160 lbs

Eyes: brown

Hair: stylish, dyed (shoulder length)

Piercings: None

Tattoos: None

Enhancements: None, All Natural

Grooming: shaved, bare